Our Project 

Support small-size Italian business

ItaliaForFuture is aimed to create a worldwide fundraising campaign, involving VIPs, public administration and those Italians who don’t want to stop fighting and, despite of the difficulties, want to keep working hard and to smile. They will be waiting next 2021 for tourists to be back in Italy and they will be ready to talk to the heart of our visitors about the charme and the beauties of our country: Italy.

About Us

ItaliaForFuture is a no-profit association started by three young entrepreneurs who have decided to fight at this very difficult time to help those small-size business  which are facing the economic disaster due to the COVID19 tourism crisis. 

ItaliaForFuture No-Profit is involving a number of people who are seriously doing their best with their personal skills. It's a real teamwork: if it's true that we can make a step working alone, it's also true that together we can really make the difference. We can help those who don't want to stop struggling to smile again in the future.

Executive Board of ItaliaForFuture No-Profit

Luca Nicolò

Born and raised in Rome, entrepreneur in real estate industry, Luca has been involved for years in developing art and music through his association Spiazza, as director.   
He also is President of "Ombelico del Mondo" no-profit association, aimed to organize cultural events to promote  cultural integration by involving people from all over the world.
"My motto? Life begins where fear ends"

Giulia Vitale

Roman in love for her city, since she was a child Giulia showed her passion for art and history. Her life is focused on the dream of sponsoring the Italian excellence all over the world and her job as tour guide confirms the efforts she takes in her every day life. She is very active in volunteering activities for homeless and dog shelters.
"My motto? Don't give up. Remember, it's always the last key on the key ring that opens the door" 

Marco Rinaldi

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