ItaliaForFuture is aimed to create a worldwide fundraising campaign, involving VIPs, public administration and those Italians who don’t want to stop fighting and, despite of the difficulties, want to keep working hard and to smile. They will be waiting next 2021 for tourists to be back in Italy and they will be ready to talk to the heart of our visitors about the charme and the beauties of our country: Italy!

Abou us

Italy is unique, rich in art and natural beauties. Among its main traits there are small-size craftsmen’s shops, family-run companies, “Made in Italy” production. Italians are very proud of all the above and we are aware those features make of our country a world famous tourist destination.

Our lives. Our artisans.

Stories, tales and emotions of those who make Italy unique.


Italian natural landscapes

Discover the Italian natural beauties, where you can relax and merge yourself in the wild nature while trekking, walking or simply laying on the white beaches...      

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